Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

DuBois’ experience sets itself apart when it comes to meeting the water treatment needs of commercial buildings. Our focus is on minimizing your cost of operation for your water treatment program by maximizing operational efficiency and equipment life while minimizing water and energy consumption.

DuBois innovative Monitrol chemical and equipment platform provides heat transfer systems free of corrosion and scale. Coupled with DuBois expert, on-site service, Monitrol provides peace of mind and predictable, dependable results to our customers.

DuBois PBB line of boiler and cooling products offer the same innovative scale and corrosion control chemistries as a liquid, but in a convenient to use powder format. PBB is safe to use, minimizes the chemical footprint, and is simple to feed, using existing chemical feed pumps. PBB is the product line of choice for systems in hard to reach areas where it is difficult to deliver drums and totes of chemicals.

While it has always been of concern in cooling systems, there is increased attention to Legionella prevention today than ever before. Commercial facilities need to develop Legionella Control Plans for their cooling water systems. DuBois is a leading expert at Legionella Management, and can help with developing and implementing Legionella Management Plans. Additionally, DuBois offers several technological innovations to help control Legionella in your facility, including microbiocides for water systems, Nephros filtration, and Sanipur Monochloramine Generation for secondary disinfection of your water system.

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