• Cooling Water Treatment

DuBois cooling water management programs partner state-of-the-art equipment and innovative chemistry with superior service to deliver reliable and predictable results to your cooling tower system.

Programs that deliver results!

Our cooling water treatment programs inhibit general corrosion, prevent scale formation on heat exchange surfaces, minimize deposits on all surfaces, prevent biological fouling, and control bacteria levels, including Legionella, in recirculating water.

The cost of your water management program represents approximately 2–4% of the overall operating costs to run your cooling system. Just 1/32” of scale can increase chiller electricity consumption by 27%. That’s why it’s important to invest in a well-executed program that delivers results over the asset life cycle.

We implement proven water reduction solutions that complement your overall water conservation strategy. If available in your area, our Professional Engineers can help you obtain a municipal sewer water rebate that in many cases can pay for the entire water management bill.

Our proprietary and award-winning* cloud-based software, AquaAnalytics, measures our performance at every step to consistently meet or exceed our quality targets. AquaAnalytics uses sophisticated logic to prevent poor results by driving action within our ISO 9001–registered service workflow to rectify the issue. We provide monthly hands-on service visits and same-day response to reports of program deviations.  Ask us about our online customer portal and operator logbook application, which provide convenient access to consolidated information.

* Read articles about our award in Manufacturing Automation or itbusiness digital magazines.

Consistent water quality, despite fluctuating operating conditions, is the key to program success. That’s why we promote the use of reliable automation to keep the program on track between service visits and to notify you immediately when deviations occur.

Cooling towers are a critical control point for Legionella risk management. As your trusted advisor, our goal is to help you successfully navigate the local, regional and national regulatory changes and ensure you have a proactive Water Safety Plan in place that meets all recommended industry best practices.

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