DuBois has a long history of supplying water and wastewater solutions not only to the Big 3 manufacturers, but also to Tier One, Two, and Three suppliers throughout North America. DuBois innovative chemistry and expert service reps will minimize scale, corrosion, and microbial activity in your water systems.

Recent trends in the automotive industry have seen an intense focus on minimizing water usage in manufacturing facilities. Reducing water consumption not only saves money, but also helps create a sustainable manufacturing process. Through the use of Monitrol, PBB, and other innovative chemistries, our knowledgeable field representatives have the tools they need to minimize water usage and energy consumption in your process water systems.

On the back end of the manufacturing process, DuBois also offers wastewater treatment solutions that further bring water savings by encouraging water re-use while also minimizing other disposal costs by helping meet any discharge requirements.

In addition to meeting your water and wastewater needs, DuBois can further offer savings through use of their innovative cleaning and surface treatment chemistries. DuBois offers products for quenching, heat treat, phosphatizing, zirconium treatment, in process cleaning, rust preventatives, metalworking, and washer chemistries. Like with our water and wastewater solutions, these industrial chemistries also offer opportunities to reduce costs associated with water and energy consumption.

DuBois offers a value proposition few can match by offering chemistries which can be used throughout your entire operation. In particular, the value of having your cleaning and treatment chemistries supplied along with your wastewater chemistries creates a synergistic opportunity that can greatly reduce costs and provide opportunities for water re-use and minimization.

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