Automation & Control

Automation and Control

DuBois offers the latest in chemical feed automation and control equipment. Equipment is vital not only to delivering chemistry to your water systems, but is instrumental for maintaining key system parameters within specified control ranges and delivering precise, predictable results. DuBois integrated systems can send alarms when performance is not within specifications, allowing critical adjustments to be made immediately, before harmful scale, corrosion, or bacteria growth occur.

Some of our automation and control solutions include:

  • Monitrol – An innovative Equipment and Chemical platform, offering a total water management system that delivers reliable, consistent results
  • A wide range of Datalogic® controllers from web-enabled units with built-in alarm functions to less expensive models for smaller, less critical systems
  • Complete line of chemical feed pumps
  • pH, conductivity, ORP and other commonly used meters
  • Bypass feeders
  • Corrators
  • In-line fluorimeters
  • Filter feeders
  • Water meters
  • Bleed valves
  • Control Boards featuring mounted controllers, pumps, meters, and probes

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