Education & Government

Education and Government

DuBois innovative solutions for cooling, boiler, and wastewater treatment help to minimize energy costs and maximum equipment life for water systems commonly used in education and government facilities.

While comfort cooling and boiler systems are not typically considered “critical” applications, climate control is critical for creating optimum conditions in schools and universities for learning. Properly controlling temperature and humidity creates a comfortable learning environment. DuBois expert service and innovative technical solutions control scale, corrosion, and bacteria in water systems, creating a system that runs effectively at minimum cost

Government and public education facilities face increasing pressure to minimize costs. DuBois Water Management Programs focus on minimizing Total Cost of Ownership of your water systems. Eliminating scale and corrosion in systems minimizes energy costs while maximizing equipment’s life cycle. Controlling bacteria growth not only keeps people safe, but also removes insulating biofilm from heat exchange surfaces, allowing for greater energy efficiency.

DuBois has been on the leading edge at providing solutions for Legionella management throughout all industries. Legionella management is of particular concern in education and government facilities. The #1 job of any school is to maintain the safety of the students; control of Legionella and other harmful bacteria in HVAC systems help to accomplish this.

While all government buildings require control of Legionella to promote employee and visitor safety, it is of particular concern on government healthcare and hospital buildings, as Legionnaire’s Disease is more likely to develop in patients that are already sick or have other ailments that compromise their pulmonary system. DuBois has several offerings to help minimize Legionella risks in education and government facilities, including hospitals and other medical buildings:

  • Expertise in helping to develop Legionella Water Management programs that meet ASHRAE and other government requirements
  • Innovative best practices for the treatment of cooling towers to minimize Legionella risks in cooling systems
  • Monitrol chemical and equipment systems which keep your water systems running as specified, reducing risks due to the formation of scale or corrosion as well as ensuring proper biocide feed
  • Nephros point-of-use filters provide a physical removal mechanism in faucets, showerheads, and ice machines
  • Sanipur Monochloramine Generators provide a safe, simple, and effective means for secondary disinfection in your hot water system

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