General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

Cost minimization is key to producing products which can compete in the global marketplace. DuBois Water Management can help meet your cost reduction goals through implementing programs that minimize water, chemical, and energy consumption. DuBois Wastewater Programs help minimize costs due to meeting discharge regulations.

DuBois Monitrol program allows for the treatment of cooling towers to be monitored just as other key manufacturing processes. Monitrol allows for the real time monitoring of all key program parameters, including water usage, corrosion potential, chemical concentration, pH, and conductivity, and can send alerts based upon these parameters being out of specified ranges. This allows for a cooling system to be kept in control, providing reliable and predictable results, which allow for systems free of harmful and costly scale and corrosion.

DuBoisService is another tool helpful to producing results and providing key communication in manufacturing environments. DuBoisService is a cloud-based data management program to store all data from your water treatment processes, including operator logs, service reports, and controller data. These data points are color-coded to provide an easy visual reference to quickly determine if a system is operating within specified parameters. DuBoisService also allows data to be easily assembled into graphs and reports to give a historical visual as to the system’s operation.

In addition, DuBois microbiocide programs and Legionella Minimization Programs can help keep employees and visitors safe. DuBois has expertise in both designing and implementing Legionella Control Plans that meet ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

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