Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

DuBois has long been a leading supplier to the chemical manufacturing industry. We recognize your need to supply water and steam for cooling and heating your critical processes. DuBois will keep your water systems free from costly scale, corrosion, and biological activity.

In addition to supplying solutions to process cooling and boiler water, DuBois offers solutions for wastewater at your manufacturing facility. DuBois is committed to minimizing your costs by treating your wastewater to maximize water re-use and minimize costs associated with meeting regulatory requirements for discharge water.

DuBois offers several innovative solutions to service manufacturing facilities:

  • Monitrol Water Management Programs offer the most technologically advanced chemistries and leading-edge equipment solutions. Monitrol gives our customers peace of mind because they know that we are delivering reliable, predictable results in their critical cooling and boiler operations.
  • DuBois will help you keep employees safe by helping you manage and control Legionella in your water systems
  • Innovative wastewater chemistries and solutions to minimize your water usage and keep costs under control

Products and Technologies: