Simplifying Data, Stabilizing Results

Our founding engineers developed a rigorous, data-driven process to identify trends that indicate potential for poor results related to scaling, corrosion and fouling in treated systems. Our award-winning AquaAnalytics software automatically detects chronic problems, escalating them to ensure a long-term solution is implemented. It means recognizing opportunities to do better. We identify it and rectify it.

Our Philosophy

More than a software application, AquaAnalytics has become the core of our entire service approach.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Our goal is to simplify data collection and data analysis to ultimately stabilize results and ensure critical water quality parameters remain within control bands a high percentage of the time.

“Drag Us Kicking And Screaming To Success”

We absolutely love the way one customer described our role in achieving the least cost operating solution for their water management systems.

Most alternatives will offer measurement and alarming of non-conformances, but we all know alarms don’t fix themselves, so we don’t stop there.

Our automated exception and escalation process is the real difference. This quality control process drives action ensuring that we do what we say. Keeping our service representatives accountable and creating a tenacious culture of continuous improvement.

Interactive Service Report

Your plant is not static in time… why should your service report be? The re-invented AquaAnalytics service report is polling data from the portal to be fully interactive. We all know “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”, but in this information overload world, ease of access to the right information is more important than knowing the information exists. From graphing, to historical trending, the information in the AquaAnalytics report is a right-click away.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view is intended to present what matters most to you – through comprehensive yet simple to understand KPIs. These KPIs are based on algorithms developed through our two decades of electronic data gathering expertise, identifying trends before they become problems:

  • Water Consumption Trend: Water use integrity is at the forefront of any strong water treatment program. For critical HVAC applications, we use your postal code to compare to your local Cooling Degree Days (CDD) against your actual water consumption, to check that your system is using water efficiently.
  • Your Water Use Efficiency Score: We go one step further and present you with a KPI dial to show you how you have been performing over a twelve month period.
  • Your Percent In Control (PIC) Rating: This is your overall water treatment program score, letting you know if the program is hitting the designed targets.
  • Your Scale Protection Score: At the core of energy efficiency are clean heat exchangers – knowing how you are performing here has a major impact on your utility costs.
  • Your Corrosion Protection Score: Water touches hundreds of thousands of dollars of infrastructure and capital equipment within your facility – knowing how you are performing here has a major impact on asset life cycle and pre-mature capital expenditures.
  • Datalogic LIVE: Up to the minute live streaming of data from your online water management controllers so you don’t have to be in your mechanical room to know how your system is operating right now.

Online Logbook

The online logbook eliminates piles of paper logs and arduous, batchwise review of historical system performance. The user-friendly platform provides you with immediate color-coded identification of test results outside the recommended ranges.

Automatic alerts of non-conformances including; no data entered, out of range data entered, and low product inventory, are also sent to your service team to facilitate strong communication and drive corrective action between service visits.

Mobile Compatible

We realize you are busy and on the go, so all these innovations are fully mobile device compatible, so you can know how your program is running, wherever you are.