• Water Treatment Chemical Line

DuBois employs a total systems approach to treat your water and wastewater systems in a manner that minimizes water and energy usage, meets discharge requirements, keeps systems running optimally with minimal scale and corrosion, and keeps people safe through proper water safety management. DuBois’ approach to water treatment focuses on more than the chemistry used to treat the system, but blends system monitoring, data management, application equipment, and pretreatment equipment with our innovative chemistry to deliver reliable results that meet your expectations.

DuBois’ treatment programs include:

  • Reliable, proven treatment programs designed to deliver Peace of mind that your systems are running as designed, free of scale and corrosion while minimizing water and energy usage
  • Online monitoring of key parameters to ensure immediate responses to system upsets
  • Our proprietary, innovative, and award winning Aqua Analytics Data Management program which uses integrated logic to analyze data to drive workflows designed to optimize your system performance
  • Interactive Service Reports and Operator Logs to easily review data and perform trend analysis
  • Comprehensive surveys, flow diagrams, and onsite testing to understand all facets of the systems we are treating
  • Energy Audits and Water Use Monitoring to ensure we are meeting the goals of our program
  • Assistance with helping customers earn LEED points toward certification
  • Complete management and troubleshooting of chemistry, pre-treatment equipment, and control/feed equipment
  • Risk Management/Water Safety programs to protect the safety of all employees and facility visitors

DuBois is proud to offer products for the following water treatment applications: