• Wastewater Treatment

DuBois understands that your wastewater effluent must satisfy your facility and environmental requirements. DuBois treatment solutions minimize contaminants in your water by controlling:

  • Suspended Solids
  • Heavy Metals
  • Biological/Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD/COD)
  • Oily Waste (FOG)
  • Odors
  • Foam

To control these parameters, DuBois offers a complete line of wastewater treatment solutions including,

  • Anionic and Cationic Floculants
  • Coagulants
  • Polymers and polyamines
  • Inorganics, including iron, calcium, and aluminum products
  • Synergistic blends of organic polymers with inorganic chemistries
  • Precipitation agents
  • Odor control chemistries (for general odors as well as sulfide-specific odors)
  • Defoamers – water, oil, and silicone based

Clearly better solutions!

Our Technical Representatives will conduct a detailed audit of your system and perform the necessary tests to develop a solution and will deliver environmental compliance and controls costs.  Our programs consistently maintain water quality targets to achieve optimized solids disposal and thus lower the overall cost of operation.

We have a dedicated engineering support department to help customers with the integration of the mechanical and chemical considerations during design and commissioning of new, retrofit or expansion wastewater projects.

We perform regular optimization reviews, including site jar tests, to lower the cost of operation and to benchmark key performance indicators like surcharge agreements, program costs, sludge haul-out cost, production downtime and fines.

Our monthly audits proactively identify areas for improvement to prevent unplanned outages. We equip and empower our customers to identify and respond to performance deviations, and our team is committed to providing additional support to quickly restore “clean water”.

Our proprietary and award-winning* online customer portal and operator logbook application, AquaAnalytics, provide convenient access to consolidated information and the ability to correlate wastewater trends with production trends to troubleshoot performance deviations.

* Read articles about our award in Manufacturing Automation or itbusiness digital magazines.

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