Powder in a Bag in a Box

DuBois Powder in a Bag in a Box (PBB) technology is a unique innovation which couples the benefits of powdered technology while offering the precise control offered by liquid products. PBB products arrive with powder packaged into several bags within a box. The powder is easily blended down into a soluble liquid using PBB equipment. The box and bags can be recycled. The liquid product can be fed and controlled using typical pumps and controllers.

DuBois PBB platform offers the following advantages over competitive liquid and solid technologies:

  • Eliminates drums, pails, and totes
  • Easy and safe to handle and store
  • Reduces freight costs and greenhouse gasses
  • Prevents scale and corrosion in towers and boilers even under harsh makeup water conditions
  • Minimal footprint/space requirements
  • Minimize risks associated with material handling

We have applied our PBB concept to our Monitrol platform. The Monitrol benefits of reliable, predictable results can now be paired with the environmental and safety benefits of PBB.

In addition to the PBB benefits above, the Monitrol PBB platform offers,

  • Real-time, online monitoring of key system parameters including chemical concentration
  • Instant notification of system upsets
  • Customized, scheduled reports
  • System parameters can be remotely monitored and adjusted

Case Study:

Comprehensive Water Management Plan—Automotive Industry