• Paint Booth Maintenance

DuBois pioneered paint detacktification in a water wash paint booths and has supported paint booth maintenance teams for over 70 years. Our comprehensive product offering will deliver a clean paint booth and maximize your paint line efficiently.

As you adopt new paint technologies to improve the performance of your products, DuBois will partner with you and your coating supplier to meet your detacktification and booth maintenance needs.

Our paint spray booth solutions include:

  • Alkalinity control with Liquid PB Buffer and other alkaline products
  • Detackification with our Poly D-Tac product line, including performance additives
  • Kick-out polymers from our Wastewater Treatment line: Ready-To-Use (RTU) liquids, and emulsions
  • Defoamers to manage the foam layer caused by some paints
  • Maskants, featuring our Filmite line, to protect the non-wetted surfaces from paint overspray

Use our decades of experience to your advantage, allowing your maintenance staff to focus on production rather than cleaning your paint booth’s water curtain.