Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage

Whether used to cook, cool, heat, freeze, or sanitize, water is a vital resource for the Food and Beverage industry. DuBois Water Management can treat and service all the water treatment needs in the Food and Beverage industry, protecting not only your equipment, but also providing packaging free of rust or deposits which can negatively affect your product.

DuBois was the first water treatment company to develop and market a line of products solely for thermal processing applications. To this day, DuShield products are used in retorts and pasteurizers throughout the United States, providing clean finished packaging. DuBois’ thermal processing programs minimize losses due to blemishes, spotting, and rust on cooked packaging, minimizing costs while maximizing your brand value.

With the cost of water constantly rising, DuBois’ focus on water minimization programs, in cooling, boiler, and wastewater treatment, can help to further minimize costs and help your plant be more environmentally friendly. Additionally, DuBois’ innovative wastewater programs help you to avoid costs at discharge, helping you to meet all discharge requirements.

DuBois is a leading provider of chemical solutions not only for Water Treatment in food plants, but for Cleaning and Sanitation as well. Learn more about DuBois’ comprehensive C&S solutions for your Food or Beverage facility.

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