• Boiler Water Treatment

With over 65 years of water treatment expertise and a strong commitment to continuous innovation, DuBois is able to provide you with comprehensive lines of chemical treatment and equipment solutions for all your steam boiler operational challenges. We will help you:

  • Ensure high quality steam production.
  • Maximize efficiency and minimize operational costs by providing the cleanest possible boiler tubes through the use of premium scale and sludge conditioners.
  • Minimize blowdown and total water consumption.
  • Minimize chemical consumption and equipment requirements.
  • Meet your safety, conservation and sustainability goals.
  • Avoid downtime and the repair/replacement costs of failed system components by effectively controlling corrosion:
    • In the feedwater/pre-boiler system
    • Inside the boiler
    • Throughout the steam and condensate return systems
    • Energy audits to ensure boilers and chillers are operating at peak efficiency

Programs that deliver results!

Our highly trained and experience field engineers will survey your system and help you to select the best feed, monitoring and control equipment, chemical treatment, and service plan for your boiler system. Treatment plans are based on your actual operational details, production requirements and the results of comprehensive water analyses performed by our state-of-the-art testing laboratory.

The cost of your water management program represents approximately 2–4% of the overall operating costs to run your steam system. Just 1/8” of scale can increase fuel consumption by 12%. That’s why it’s important to invest in a well-executed program that delivers results over the asset life cycle.

Our proprietary and award-winning* cloud-based software, AquaAnalytics, measures our performance at every step to consistently meet or exceed our quality targets. AquaAnalytics uses sophisticated logic to prevent poor results by driving action within our ISO 9001–registered service workflow to rectify the issue. We provide monthly hands-on service visits and same-day response to reports of program deviations.  Ask us about our online customer portal and operator logbook application, which provide convenient access to consolidated information.

* Read articles about our award in Manufacturing Automation or itbusiness digital magazines.

Consistent water quality, despite fluctuating operating conditions, is the key to program success. That’s why we promote the use of reliable automation to keep the program on track between service visits and provide immediate alarms when deviations occur.