Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are under increasing pressure to provide clean water for use in their facilities. Whether the water is used for cooling, heating, or some other purpose, it must be not only free of significant biological growth, but also needs to be free of scale, corrosion, and other factors that can help spur bacteria (and Legionella) to flourish. Recent requirements from government and industry organizations (ASHRAE, for instance) have further pushed the need for healthcare facilities to develop Legionella Minimization Plans.

DuBois can help to not only develop Legionella plans, but to implement the plans and service them on an ongoing basis. Our service experts will work with you to survey your building water systems, and then develop a control and monitoring plan that best suits the design of the water system in your facility.

DuBois innovative chemistry is designed to prevent scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth. DuBois Monitrol program provides real time system data so that system upsets are quickly found and corrected, giving you peace of mind that your treatment program is running as designed. DuBois PBB platform is perfect for delivering chemical to hard-to-reach locations of towers and boilers, which seems to be a common issue in larger, older hospital facilities.

DuBoisService is the ultimate tool to be used for data management and key communication, both of which are required in ASHRAE compliant Water Management Plans. DuBoisService is a cloud-based program which allows for the storage of all program data, including operator logs, service reports, and controller data. All key personnel can access the data and be copied in on all reports and program updates. Historical data is kept indefinitely, and can be accessed in case of an audit.

In addition to typical water treatment chemical programs, DuBois also offers the following innovations for Legionella and bacteria control in healthcare facilities:

Sanipur Monochloramine Generation – Secondary disinfection is quickly becoming standard in all healthcare facilities. The use of secondary disinfection helps control Legionella and other harmful bacteria in the water system that have not been controlled through disinfection processes prior to arriving at the healthcare facility. Monochloramine is safe on common materials of construction, and is longer lasting than other common oxidizing disinfectants, allowing it persist in the system longer and kill organisms in biofilms and deadlegs, where Legionella and other bacteria flourish.

Nephros Filtration – Nephros is a line of point of use filters designed to be installed on sinks and showers, as well as on ice machines and other medical equipment where water is used. Nephros Filters are not only more effective at removing harmful bacteria than its competitors, but are more cost effective as well.

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