• Water Pretreatment

Pretreatment is used across water system functionalities and may include removing suspended solids from once through-water, softening, or other water purifying steps. Water pretreatment typically results in increased cycles, scale/corrosion prevention and process improvements to help you save on water, waste discharge, energy and preserve your assets.

DuBois Technical Support Team will support your water pretreatment needs. Processes we work with are:

  • Clarification – sedimentation, coagulation, filtration
  • Deaeration – removing oxygen to prevent corrosion and pitting
  • Areation
    • Oxidation of iron and manganese
    • Removal of hydrogen sulfide
    • Removal of carbon dioxide
    • Reduction in taste/odor problems
  • Contact Filtration for iron and manganese removal
  • Ion-Exchange Systems
    • Softening
    • Alkalinity reduction
    • Demineralization
  • Membrane Filtration – for total dissolved solids reduction
  • Lime or Soda Ash Softening
    • Hot or cold lime softening
    • Silica removal
    • Recarbonation – for stabilization after cold lime softening