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DuBois offers innovative solutions for the treatment of boiler water systems as well as wastewater treatment in commercial laundry facilities. Following an initial assessment of your boiler and wastewater systems, DuBois will develop solutions that reduce water and energy consumption within these systems.

DuBois innovative boiler treatment line helps promote energy and water savings by reducing scale and corrosion within the system. Additionally, DuBois expert service reps help to monitor the system, allowing it to run to maximum efficiency, allowing for further opportunities at water and energy savings.

After an initial assessment, DuBois will sample your wastewater and conduct lab testing to develop a chemical program which meets your needs for water savings and reduces levels in your wastewater to meet discharge requirements. Through its innovative wastewater chemistries and industry expertise, DuBois has an extensive history of providing solutions to laundry wastewater systems that reduce chemical usage while reducing sewage and water costs.

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